Minli Tan, B.Sc.
Minli Tan, B.Sc.

Minli Tan graduated with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology (Sports Science) from The University Of Minnesota. He gained teaching and coaching experience in the USA before returning to Asia. He then pursued higher education in business administration. Minli came to Japan in 2001, working at several locations one of which was TaylorMade (Adidas group) overseeing Asian markets.

Minli’s love for sports started at a very early age when he was exposed to physical activities both at home and in school. Being an all-around sportsman, he enjoyed playing soccer, golf and snowboarding. Recently he discovered the challenge of marathon running and mountaineering.

A concern for unhealthy lifestyles among Asian adults motivated Minli to return to his first love – physical education and fitness. Minli joined the KID-FIT team in 2010 to educate children in Asia after realizing the problem was mainly due to 1) Lack of sport skill development, 2) Little health education during early childhood and 3) Low self-esteem among youngsters.

Minli is currently First Aid certified and AED trained.


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